China’s tourism market sees new momentum

BEIJING: The arrival of winter has triggered a boom in ice and snow tourism across China, especially in northern regions known for their cold winters.

People’s Daily Online quoted data from Tujia, a Beijing-based online booking platform, as saying that over 90 percent of BB rooms in Harbin, northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province were booked over the recent New Year holiday. Reservations in surrounding areas like Daxing’anling, Daqing, and Jiamusi also surged 5-10 times compared to last year.

The China Tourism Academy predicts participation in ice and snow leisure travel will increase 25-30% this winter season. Over 400 million domestic tourists are expected to engage in winter activities, generating 550 billion yuan ($77.25 billion) in revenue.

Data shows China’s tourism industry rebounding strongly from the pandemic. Over the first three quarters of 2023, domestic destinations recorded 3.67 billion visits, up 75.5% year-over-year. Total domestic tourism spend reached 3.69 trillion yuan, a 114.4% annual i

“Thriving tourism reflects the vitality and potential of China’s consumer market,” said Zhang Jinshan, Director of the Tourism Industry Economic Research Institute at Beijing Union University.

The boom can be attributed to tourism operators creating innovative new products and experiences catered to evolving consumer demand. Digital technologies are also helping to promote new destinations and hidden gems across China.

Source: Emirates News Agency