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Carthage Film Festival’s 34th edition to spotlight Jordan’s emerging cinema

The Carthage Film Festival’s management unveiled plans to dedicate “Cinema under the Microscope 2023” to Jordan, recognizing the Kingdom’s burgeoning Arab cinematic landscape characterized by remarkable progress and a fresh dynamic that champions filmmaking quality. The Festival, which is gearing up for its thirty-fourth edition, is scheduled to run from October 28th to November 4th. This year’s edition will also pay tribute to Senegal, as a distinguished guest of honor, with the presence of official delegations. Alongside this, the festival promises to present accolades to influential figures in the cinematic realm and host a diverse array of film screenings and artistic expressions. These elements will contribute not only to the celebration of the seventh art but also to the cultural identity of both Jordan and Senegal. The Carthage Film Festival’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing cinematic talent continues to solidify its status as a beacon for the Arab and African film industries. This year’s spotlight on Jordan’s cinematic journey adds an extra layer of significance to an event known for its cultural resonance and global impact.

Source: Jordan News Agency


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