Qatari intellectual property vehicles to arrive in Jordan soon

In a groundbreaking move, Qatar revealed its forthcoming launch of the first electric car with Qatari intellectual property in its local markets within the next two months, signaling a major shift towards sustainable transportation in the country. The vehicle, known as VIM, will initially be manufactured in China before transitioning to local production in Doha. This announcement came during the ” Sustainable Transportation and Legacy for Generations” Conference and Exhibition, hosted by the Qatari Ministry of Transport. The event also witnessed the signing of contracts appointing the first exclusive dealer for the electric car in Jordan, showcasing the growing interest in eco-friendly vehicles within the region. The 3-day expo shed light on the significant advancements occurring in Qatar’s transportation sector and outlined the country’s future strategies in this essential industry. During the initial phase, the new vehicle will be launched in the local Qatari market, paving the way for its introduction to regional markets such as Jordan and Lebanon in the future. This exhibition serves as a platform to showcase Qatar’s commitment to the development of sustainable transportation solutions and its aspirations to expand its eco-friendly mobility offerings beyond national borders. The newly launched vehicles by “Eco Transit Solutions for Transportation and Transit” company come in three categories: sedan, hatchback, and SUV. These innovative vehicles offer a remarkable range of 650 kilometers per charge, affording a significant distance that can be covered without the need for recharging. Notably, the company holds the distinction of being the first Qatari firm to possess ownership rights for a private brand of electric cars and buses. Prior to this achievement, the enterprise had already made significant contributions by supplying electric buses for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatar’s foray into environmentally friendly transportation solutions marks a significant turning point in both the Qatari and Gulf markets. It signifies the introduction of cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking designs in the realm of public, private, and commercial transportation. The modern cars and buses offered by Qatar showcase a seamless integration of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, exemplifying the country’s commitment to a greener future.

Source. Jordan News Agency