Mid-Term Achievements ‘Beyond Expectations’ (Govt. Head)

Rabat – The Government’s mid-term achievements “have exceeded forecasts and expectations”, Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch said on Wednesday.

Presenting the progress report on Government action before the two Houses of Parliament, Akhannouch said the achievements reflect the Government’s firm determination to honor all commitments instead of looking for pretexts face to the complex crises that the country has experienced.

He expressed the Government’s determination to boldly implement its commitments, stressing that this is a choice stemming from its responsibilities towards citizens and the trust placed in a strong and homogeneous majority responding to their expectations thanks to its clear commitments.

This determination is also based on a proactive vision of the changes that the world is experiencing, including the repercussions of the health crisis as well as the uncertainty prevailing internationally, a situation which requires an effort of adaptation to limit the repercussions of crises on socio-
economic development, while preserving the structural components of the State and strengthening our capacities, he pointed out.

Aware of these challenges, he continued, the Government, under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, has managed successive crises, considering them as a structural phenomenon part of continuity, like the drought crisis for three successive years.

The Head of Government, who presented a detailed presentation with figures on priority sectors, noted that the conclusion that can be drawn from the Government’s progress report relates to the need to make the most of Moroccan skills and to strengthen capacities to build the country.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse