LB Investment to showcase diverse portfolio at 2024 AIM Congress in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI: LB Investment, a renowned Korean venture capital firm with a legacy of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship and $1.2 Trillion Assets Under Management as of 2023, announced its participation in the 2024 AIM Congress, scheduled to be held from 7th to 9th May in Abu Dhabi.

Established in 1996, LB Investment has consistently been recognised as one of Korea’s premier fund managers, earning accolades such as the A+ grade from the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA). With a commitment to excellence and a vision to emerge as Asia’s Leading Investment Firm, LB Investment has expanded its footprint globally, with a notable presence in Shanghai since 2007.

At the 2024 AIM Congress, LB Investment will showcase a diverse portfolio of startups and companies, representing cutting-edge innovation and disruptive solutions across various industries.

The 2024 AIM Congress boasts an impressive lineup, featuring over 25 government ministers, 45 city mayors, 12 central bank governors, 900+ speakers,
450 dialogue sessions, seven high-level roundtable meetings, nine global stock markets, 50+ unicorns, and more than 12,000 delegates representing 175 countries worldwide.

This collaborative gathering, comprising 27 joint events with 304+ international partners, underscores AIM Congress’s pivotal role as a global investment platform driving economic transformation and fostering international cooperation.

Source: Emirates News Agency