Kuajok: Aguok Kuei FC crowned champions of peace tournament

The Aguok Kuei Football Club was crowned winners of the Greater Gogrial Community Peace Tournament on Wednesday in Kuajok town.

Aguok Kuel FC beat Kuac Community FC 4:3 at the Kuajok Freedom Square.

The tournament was established in 2018 by intellectuals of the Awan, Apuk, Aguok, and Kuac sections to maintain peace, unity, and love among the communities devastated by conflict related to cattle rustling, theft, and girls' elopement among others.

This year, the tournament started on 1st December, between Apuk Lith FC, Kuac Community FC, Awan Murokuau FC, and first title winners Aguok Kuei FC.

Charles Chol Chol, chairperson for Greater Gogrial Community Peace Tournament congratulated Aguok Kuei FC and said the games were peaceful.

"Greater Gogrial Community Peace Tournament ended successfully since the competition started on the first day of December as the final was played between Aguok Kuei FC and Kuach Community FC," he said. "Congratulations to Aguok Kuei FC for the first time since 2018 to win the trophy. This has shown the peace in the communities because Awan Muorkuau FC was crowned twice, Kuac Community FC and Apuk Lith FC got their titles too in those four years of competition."

Chol added that the final game scheduled to take place on 17 December was played on Wednesday due to financial constraints.

Aguok Kuei FC manager, Muhamed Ali, said they are overwhelmed with joy as they have struggled to get the cup for the last five years.

"The game was well as we reached penalties and won the trophy with 4:3. We struggled since 2018 we are happy we really enjoyed it because it was disappointing when we were knocked out in the second leg and now we thank our players for coming all the way from the first leg upto final," he said.

Meanwhile, Roberto Anei, the coach for Kuac Community FC accepted defeat and appreciated his team for reaching the finals.

"This is the peace tournament and as the head coach, our guys played well up till it ended goalless after 90 minutes and lost at the penalties stage. I know Aguok Kuei FC is tough since the opening match and deserved the win," he noted.

Kuajok Mayor John Akol, who was representing the state government at the tournament hailed the games as peaceful and encouraged the youth to continue with sports for peace to prevail across the counties of Warrap State.

Source: Radio Tamazuj