19 graduates from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah University were accepted to complete their medical specialization in America

Nablus – Together – Despite the difficult circumstances that our Palestinian people are going through, Al-Najah’s students and distinguished graduates in the Doctor of Human Medicine program continue their excellence and creativity in various countries of the world, including the United States of America, where their efforts this year were crowned with the acceptance of 19 of their graduates in various medical specialties. .

An-Najah University said that every year the United States of America attracts hundreds of distinguished Arab doctors to enroll in various specialty programs after a series of American exams that may take a few years to prepare for, followed by a painstaking process of submitting applications and personal interviews in hospitals, and then entering into the process of A comparison between applicants from different countries of the world for a limited number of specialization seats, with which our graduates achieved remarkable and distinguished success.

The university congratulated the gr
aduates of this great harvest, stressing that they are happy with all those who achieved their dreams of admission to complete the journey to specialize in medicine in the United States of America this year, as this journey included many years of hard work, hundreds of hours of study, and dozens of exams and interviews to reach this day.

Accepted doctors are:

Dr. Mustafa Abdel Muti Daraghmeh – 2019 graduate (internal medicine)

Dr.. Muhammad Yasser Hussein – 2019 graduate (internal medicine)

Dr. Ahmed Raed Awad – 2019 graduate (internal medicine)

Dr.. Laith Osama Qasrawah – graduate of 2020 (internal medicine)

Dr.. Muhammad Moayed Hassoun – graduate of 2020 (internal medicine)

Dr. Muhammad Hussein Ghannam – graduate of 2020 (internal medicine)

Dr.. Mohamed Mazen Abdel Karim – graduate of 2020 (internal medicine)

Dr.. Thaer Youssef Al-Hroub – graduate of 2020 (internal medicine)

Dr. Basil Ahmed Jalamneh – Graduate of 2021 (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Ahmed Adnan Mohamed – graduate of 2021 (internal medici

Dr.. Lama Nassim Qab – Graduate of 2021 (Pediatrics)

Dr.. Muhammad Imad Janajra – Graduate of 2021 (Internal Medicine)

Dr.. Hind Shawqi Abu Rumh – graduate of 2021 (pediatrics)

Dr.. Abeer Mustafa Al-Musleh – graduate of 2021 (internal medicine)

Dr.. Abdel Hakim Raqi Chebita – graduate of 2021 (internal medicine)

Dr.. Dean Bassam Taher – Graduate of 2021 (Internal Medicine)

Dr.. Mohab Walid Najjar – Graduate of 2021 (Internal Medicine)

Dr.. Ayad Makkawi – Graduate of 2022 (Neurology)

Dr.. Majd El-Din Ahmed Mohamed Ali – Graduate of 2023 (General Surgery)

Source: Maan News Agency