Rumbek East: Two warring communities make peace, agree to graze cattle together

The two warring communities of Kok-Awac and Pacuer resolved and agreed to coexist peacefully and share the Pulkuc cattle camp in Rumbek East County of Lakes State.
The two sections sat on Monday in a peace and reconciliation dialogue organized by the Peacebuilding Opportunities Fund (POF) and resolved that they will graze their cattle together, confess and forgive each other, avoid songs that incite violence, create an alliance and drink alcohol responsibly.
The peace dialogue also resolved that as the two communities move to the wetlands to graze their animals during the coming dry season, they will coexist peacefully, continue to observe the agreement in letter and spirit and that whoever has ill intentions will be contacted and persuaded individually or dealt with ritually. They settled that this agreement is an opportunity for getting to know each other since the majority of the youth grew up in conflicts.
Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, the area adviser of POF, Philip Thon Madit, said the two communities had generally agreed to coexist peacefully and merged their cattle camps in the Lolmanyiel wetland.
Philip Thon Madit said the reconciliation and peace dialogue brought together all the Gelwong (home guards) youth group, elders, women, intellectuals, and chiefs from both sides of Kok-Awac and Pacuer communities.
“Now, it is resolved and agreed that all the cattle camps of the Kok-Awac and Pacuer will be taken to one cattle camp whenever they move to the wetlands in Lolmanyiel,” Thon said.

Thon said the two communities had agreed to put aside their differences and unite as one Kok community like before and that the two communities will immediately move together from current cattle camps in Pulkuc and camp together in Alan pan-Leth in the wetlands.
He said the next step is to arrange another peace and reconciliation dialogue between Gony and Dhiei of Cueigakteng Payam with Rup of Amongpiny Payam.
“It was resolved that the two communities of Kok-Awac and Pacuer will help in mediating the peace and reconciliation dialogue with the neighbouring communities of Athoi and Rup of Amongpiny and Gony and Thuyic sections of Athoi,” Thon said.
For his part, the Paramount chief of Kok community, Ater Madul Majuot, said that all the differences have been resolved and Kok community has become one community like before and that they will share one cattle camp, eat and share resources in the wetlands.
Madul said the reconciliation and peace dialogue between Kok-Awac and Pacuer was attended by all the chiefs and Gelwong youth from both sides.
The community leader further said they have agreed that all the cases of life lost as a result of inter-communal hostilities and revenge killings between the two communities will be settled soon by the special court that will be reconstituted and established to try all the cases of murder and raided cattle.
The reconciliation and peace dialogue in Pulkuc cattle camp was attended by over 200 participants.

Source: Radio Tamazuj