Document Text: Sudan National Dialogue Document (NDD)

National Dialogue Document

Khartoum-October 10 2016

Translated by the SMC

-We the people of Sudan with all its political organizations, armed movements, all forces within society including all sectors and national and nationalist personalities, in acknowledging what distinguishes this nation with its strategic location on the African continent, its cultural heritage, and affirming the values stemming from its diversity and plurality which we consider a source of its strength and in expression of the aspirations of the people to establish a strong and great nation where the people enjoy a decent life.

And stemming from the aspirations of the people towards uniting the feelings of greatness towards the nation despite the challenges and struggles faced since independence.

We believe that the will of the people will always remain the overriding achievement to realize all its goals and future thereby facing all challenges and in recognition and consideration of the struggles and conflicts witnessed by the people of Sudan, both the armed and non-armed struggles. And towards moving past through that and coming together to heal wounds, with the belief that the issues of Sudan can only be solved through dialogue.

From there the idea of a national dialogue emerged through a generous initiative by the President of the republic Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir as a platform where political dialogue and community dialogue reinforce each other, state mechanisms are reformed and that stems from national responsibility towards realizing the hopes of the people to unify the will of the nation and to realize shared goals to build Sudan, unify its people and protect the land.

We are aware that the national dialogue and community dialogue is imperative and imposed by the critical challenges faced by the homeland and in order to face the risks that threaten the territorial integrity of the nation and its people. Through it we aim to regain the honorable Sudanese role towards humanity and to regain the spirit of its meanings, values, and objectives. And to put in place national strategies, plans and policies so that concrete change can take place. We also like to highlight the welcoming response of all forces to the initiative aiming to realize the national dream. The dream that unites national will and protects supreme interests of the nation and confirms the unity of the people and the sanctity of the blood of the people.

We witness and commend the political will of the state and the determination of the participants to the national dialogue that has facilitated the efforts to come out with a national document and recommendations that place the foundation for establishing a social contract between the people of Sudan through the principles of freedom, shoura, democracy, rule of law, justice and equality.

We confirm our respect and defense of human rights and dignity, which have been set by divine laws, international laws and conventions, spiritual values, customs and traditions.

Our national dialogue efforts included 89 political parties, 36 armed movements, representatives from civil society, national figures who gathered at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum. Their coming together and shaking hands surprised many as they rose above their differences and wounds and promised to open new pages and put the past behind them. This is through dialogue that is open to all and does not exclude anyone through consensus or compromise. The values and principles of dialogue are something we will unswervingly adhere to, acknowledging one another and recognizing our multiculturalism and diversity and the huge challenges and dangers faced by the country.

We have all been engaged in discussing the basic axis of the nation’s issues including identity, peace, unity, basic freedoms, economy, foreign relations, neighborly relations, issues of governance, and dialogue outcomes. This is to ensure the progress, the preservation, protection, its energies, and exploiting its resources to ensure the people live a decent life. And to overcome decades of instability on different levels; political, security, economic, social. This has been due to the differences in vision and ideas which we can now humble ourselves and agree on so we can build this great nation.

And as an expression of what we have committed to for we have witnessed and participated through deep, constructive and frank dialogue that has demonstrated the greatness of the people. Despite all the challenges and struggles faces by the dialogue process. We have agreed on the following:


We are Sudanese by identity. Our identity has further gained cultures and traditions which have given the people of Sudan their unique description and qualities which are special to our geographic location which has led to a mix and intermarriage between the different cultures. Our Sudanese culture and all its various and different proponents descending from a long history of rich civilizations has formed a history and heritage, fueled by the legacy and heavenly religions that reflect the values and virtues of the people. In this context, citizenship becomes a loyal and emotional affiliation to a country that goes beyond the ethnic, tribal, regional and sectarian affiliations and realizes that promoting the concept of belonging to the homeland and showing loyalty to the nation. And not compromising or insulting it and working towards presenting an honorable image at home and abroad.

Recognizing diversity and admitting cultural and social plurality of the people and the values that make up the Sudanese identity. Planting and promoting the identity within the minds of the youth to uphold the meaning of citizenship

Freedoms and Basic Rights:

– Liberty  is a gift from God, and it’s a moral and national responsibility, and it’s the right of all people.

– We must making constitution expresses the will of the people.

– Citizenship must be the standard and basic for Sudanese people’s rights and duties.

– Freedom of belief and of thought and permits the full freedom of practicing religion.

– We must respect, promote and protect human rights and dignity.

– Maximize the value and solemnity of the rule of law and establish the values of justice and citizenship and reject fanaticism and regional values in all its forms.

– Respect for the principles of transparency and accounting and situational accountability and the rule of law.

– Practice of Shura and democracy as approach and the basis for the rule through political pluralism.

– Freedom of expression, association, assembly and movement and participation in public life.

Peace and Unity:
-Reaffirming the national sovereignty and protect the supreme interests and loyalty to the State.

-Reject all violence in all its forms and adhere to the ideological dialogue to address all national issues.

-Promote the culture of peace, tolerance and compromise and consensus to emotional building that promotes national reconciliation.

-Strengthen the social fabric and the consolidation of peace and peaceful coexistence among the Sudanese people.

-Protect the families and care for youth to achieve security, protection and social security.

-Secure and enhance the participation of women in public life.

-Enhance the capabilities of the state in achieving comprehensive security and fortify society against crime.

– Establish the values of justice and equality among citizens in the framework of the rule of law.

– Activating the role of civil society and support its initiatives


-Adopting economic philosophies based on freedoms and social responsibility and proving a basis for justice and the equitable distribution of the national income and preserving the environment and sustaining resources and preparing for possessing competitive qualities for national production and then opening up to international markets.

-Realizing economic development based on a comprehensive strategic vision based on knowledge and focusing on humanitarian, social and environment factors

-Adopting a national strategy of planning and economic development that realizes sustainable development and embodies development balance and enhancing social justice and welfare of the people, fighting poverty, taking into account positive discrimination of areas that have been affected by war.

-Adoption of a mixed economic, strategic direction based on agriculture, industry, minerals, tourism, and services and seeks to exploit the provision of clean and renewable energy.

Pursuing self-sufficiency and food security-

Expanding opportunities in the national economy and combating unemployment-

Creating appropriate internal arrangements for the management of regional and international economic partnerships

Protect the environment, natural resources and water rights-

Foreign relations:

– -Adopt foreign policy to achieve a balance between the requirements of the supreme national interest so as to promote common interests and responding to the people ambitions and uphold its principles.

-Aadopt policy of good neighborly relations with all countries and confirm and strengthen integration and cooperation regionally and internationally.

– Respect of the international treaties and conventions ratified by Sudan and seeking to promote justice in international relations.

– Mutual respect between the countries and non-interference in the others affairs.

-Adopt policies aimed at achieving international security and peace and fight against extremism and human trafficking.

Governance Issues and Dialogue Outcomes:
– Choose the federal government system of government in federal, state and local levels, giving a greater role for local government.

– Adopt the Presidential system as system of government, and the president being chosen through free and direct election.

-The system of government based on the principles and criteria and the methodology of good governance and rotation of power peacefully within the framework of free and fair competition.

– The State must have two councils, deputy and states councils.

– Must adopt the principle of separation of legislative, executive and judicial authorities.

-We affirm the importance supporting the State Administration and unify its will and strengthen its capacity to negotiate and the scientific foundation for the sovereignty and develop its strategic track to achieve national goals as the emotional enter and national satisfaction through consensus on the document and commitment it to the preserve and protect it through:

-Agreeing on the national document, adhering and protecting it

-Making a national strategy stems State plan and be binding for all, expressing Sudan’s national vision, and prepared under guidance and a spirit of national document, and the recommendations of the national and community dialogue.

-Achieving integration and consistency of the national work through the review and coordination of the policies and legislation to harmonize with the spirit and the meanings of nationalism and national strategy.

Comprehensive Reform of the State Apparatus:

– Achieve satisfaction and national harmony and identity with the state.

– The rule of law and order and the institutional and freedoms

-We believe in the importance of strengthening the scientific and technical power of the state and transfer towards knowledge, excellence and innovation community. For the purpose of providing technical support and cognitive production that is required to achieve the national goals and to deal with the strategic course of the state’s issues, which is conducive to peace, development and progress and achieve excellence , quality, efficiency ,escort, environmental conservation and optimal utilization of resources. Based to inform professional officer, realizing the initiative and the ability to access and address the local and global audience to achieve national goals and values and the foundations of  the national document and to promote the culture of the state, peace and peaceful coexistence, and renounce violence and enhance the national affiliation and to encourage national unity.

-We are aware of the importance  achieving  the security and protection, social security, and maintain a harmonious society photoactive positively promotes human rights and dignity and pride and compassion  psychologically, mentally and physically, and dissemination of knowledge hinted illiteracy and to provide human resource which qualified in terms of ethical behavior and professional skills development, capacity and belonging to the homeland through Upgrading the values and the promotion of intellectual and emotional level that accommodates challenges of the times.

-Developing the Sudan’s human resource of knowledge and skills fit the local and global challenges and contribute to strengthening the Sudanese identity and formulating appropriate national and professional behavior to achieve the renaissance and build the desired future and to establish peaceful coexistence in light of diversity and contribute to the format of the national mind and enhance loyalty and a sense of national identity.

–  Establishing an effective educational and instructive system.

– Strengthening the family structure and the role of the family in the upbringing and developing social protection and develop and care of people with special needs.

– The provision of health, sophisticated preventive therapeutic, balanced, sustainable and comprehensive services.

– Developing the youth’s knowledge, productivity and cultural abilities to enhance the identity and belonging to the homeland and enhance their participation in achieving development that enables them to achieve their ambitions and deal with the current developments and challenges.

-We are committed to mobilize all Sudanese people and it’s  political and social components that represent their hopes and ambitions of consensus and collaboration in order to achieve unity will of the nation towards national reconciliation and peaceful coexistence, we announce that the national document gives way to the political forces and the armed movements that did not participate in the national dialogue to join and accept it ,we express our commitment to put the national interests above all other considerations specific to the objectives, principles and foundations that the future of Sudan is based upon and the unity of its people, and the expression of our identity as Sudanese which promoted and perpetuated by the national document.

-We affirm the reality of our national responsibility, our total commitment to the national dialogue outcomes reached, and we pledge to proceed to apply it in the reality among all sectors and Sudanese people and the fulfillment of this obligation, and achieving it with national pure will, we sign this document to open a new page and we hope that it will be chronicled in our history.

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