AL-FASHER, SUDAN, Britain has called on the Sudanese political parties and groups which are concerned with the country's ongoing peace process to exert all efforts for achieving a political and peaceful settlement and to sign an agreement for ending the dispute.

British Ambassador to Sudan Arfasni Siddiq, said in a media statement issued after his meeting with the Wali (Governor) of North Darfur State in this state capital Monday that the British government was committed to participation in the sustainable development process in Sudan's arid western region of Darfur to help it move from emergency work stage to the stage of sustainable development and providing for the needs of the displaced peoples in Dafur which has experienced years of fighting between rebels and government forces.

The ambassador described his visit to North Darfur State as successful and one which had enabled him to meet with the Wali and a number of the officials from the United Nations-African Union Mission in Dafur (UNAMID) in the state.

He added that they discussed the situation in Darfur in general, the position of the international mission, the remarkable improvement in the security situation and the conditions of the displaced people and their needs.

Meanwhile, the Wali, Al-Sharif Abbad Samouh, affirmed that peace and security in the state had become a reality, indicating that the collection of illegal weapons had contributed to a return of peace to Darfur.

The Wali briefed the British ambassador on the plan of the government for realizing stability and supporting the voluntary repatriation of displaced persons to their home areas and enhancing their conditions.

He called on the British government to put pressure on the non-signatory armed groups to join the peace process.

Source: Nam News Network

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