Answer – EU-US free trade negotiations – P-007140/2016

The Commission continues to negotiate the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in accordance with the negotiating directives received from the Council(1) while taking full account of the European Parliament’s resolution on TTIP(2).

TTIP negotiations have been discussed at the European Council on several occasions. Most recently in October 2016, the European Council invited the Commission to continue the negotiations with the US authorities to be able to present an ambitious, balanced and comprehensive free trade agreement.

The European Union also continues to push its agenda in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), where some of the issues tackled in TTIP are also being discussed. However, the priorities and objectives of multilateral or plurilateral discussions in the WTO do not necessarily coincide with those pursued in bilateral negotiations with the United States.

(2) EP Resolution on TTIP adopted during the Plenary Session of July 2015

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