U.S. Blinken voices support to Hamdok efforts to end strife in Sudan

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken voiced his support to plan to end the ongoing crisis facing the transition in Sudan.

“We welcome Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok’s leadership in laying out a roadmap of principles to sustain the democratic transition in Sudan,” said Blink in a tweet posted on Saturday.

He further urged all stakeholders to take immediate, concrete steps to meet the key “benchmarks of the Constitutional Declaration”.

Hamdok who is under pressure to dissolve his cabinet, on Friday, said the current crisis in Sudan is not between civilians and the military, but rather between the “democratic civil transition and the camp of overthrowing the revolution”.

He further proposed a 10-point plan calling to end frictions between the FFC groups and broadening the base of the transitional government with more components.

Also, he rejected to freeze the Empowerment Removal Committee, before stressing that his initiative to deal with the political crisis would immunize the transition.

Source: Sudan Tribune