AUS, LTU forge partnership for engineering student opportunities

SHARJAH: American University of Sharjah (AUS) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Lawrence Technological University (LTU), Southfield, Michiga. This move aims to enable AUS engineering students to pursue graduate studies at LTU while fostering joint academic and training initiatives.

Based on the agreement, AUS engineering students can benefit from a 4+1 programme where those who have completed four years of their undergraduate engineering studies at AUS can earn a master’s degree from LTU in just one year. AUS students will benefit from an expedited admission process provided that they meet LTU’s standard entry requirements. Successful candidates will also benefit from a partial scholarship of $10,000 to attend LTU.

The MoU – signed by Dr. Tod Laursen, Chancellor of AUS, and Dr. Tarek Sobh, President of LTU on campus – also stipulates collaboration towards establishing one or more programmes, potentially featuring double or dual degrees. Both institutions will also cooperate in designing tra
ining programmes for research and development projects, explore shared areas of interest and design exchange or study abroad initiatives.

Laursen commented, ‘This agreement holds immense potential to enhance the university experience for engineering students at AUS. The introduction of a 4+1 programme allows students to seamlessly transition from their undergraduate studies at AUS to pursue a master’s degree at LTU, providing them with an accelerated and comprehensive educational pathway.

This agreement does not only facilitate accessibility but also recognises and rewards academic excellence. The collaboration between the two institutions also creates a rich academic environment that goes beyond traditional boundaries.’

President Sobh said, “This collaboration will offer valuable opportunities for international research efforts, as the scope and diversity of the Lawrence Tech research portfolio continues to grow rapidly. The work between these two great institutions signifies a commitment to academic exce
llence and propels our mission to shape future leaders equipped with the skills to drive innovation and positive change in the world.”

The AUS College of Engineering (CEN) places a strong emphasis on forging partnerships with leading industrial and academic entities through its many programmes including its AUS Engineering Al Nukhba programme, facilitating faculty research and student scholarship.

Source: Emirates News Agency