WTO rules in favour of Argentina in EU biodiesel row

The World Trade Organization (WTO) today ruled in favour of Argentina in a series of complaints the country filed with the international body, challenging punitive duties by the European Union on its biodiesel imports.

The WTO, however, said the EU was not violating its rules.

In 2013, the then ruling administration of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization over the European Union’s decision to slap anti-dumping duties on Argentina’s biodiesel.

The EU’s move dealt a fresh blow to the world’s No.1 biodiesel supplier Argentina, whose industry had already been hurt by previous restrictions imposed by the bloc while it investigated whether Argentina was “dumping” biodiesel, or selling it at below the cost of production, in Europe.

Argentina’s Foreign Ministry called the duties “protectionist” and said the European bloc was seeking to shelter inefficient local producers.

Now, both parties will have 60 days to file an appeal on the WTO’s decision.

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