WTO makes second decision against Russia over the week

19:17 Aug. 19, 2016

WTO and Russia (Collage by ua1)

World Trade Organization supports EU in a conflict with Russia on the ban of import

A World Trade Organization (WTO) panel on Friday backed the European Union (EU) in a two-year dispute over Russia’s ban on pig and pork imports, Reuters reports.

Russia imposed the ban after cases of African swine fever in some EU areas. EU pork exports to Russia amounted 1.4 billion euros in 2013, a fourth of total EU exports at the time, the Agency informed. But a panel of arbitrators found that Russia did not meet international standards for such a ban, which was discriminatory and violated WTO rules.

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The whole text of the resolution is available on the WTO site. Now each side has 60 days in which to appeal the decision.

Russian media Slon.ru adds to the topic, that this one is the second WTO decision against Russia during the last week. The previous resolution on August 12 blamed Russian import taxes on palm oil, paper, and refrigerators as violating the rules of the organization.

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