Written question – Lapsing of Article 15 of China's World Trade Organisation Accession Protocol – E-007403/2016

On account of the forthcoming lapsing of Article 15 of China’s World Trade Organisation (WTO) Accession Protocol, the Commission is preparing a method to address the anti-dumping cases related to Chinese export products. According to earlier communications, the proposal was to be published between July and September.

Article 15 of China’s WTO Accession Protocol lapses in December 2016, and considering the time needed to amend European Union legislation, it is essential to receive the proposal as soon as possible in order to avoid uncertainties of interpretation.

China is an important trade partner to the EU, and a situation that can be interpreted ambiguously may weaken these relations and provide China with the possibility of contesting a decision that is against WTO provisions.

What stage has the finalising of this decision on interpretation reached? How will the Commission take adequate and suitably efficient measures to safeguard trade protection mechanisms to ensure that industries in the European Union can continue to operate competitively while preserving trade relations with China?

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