Written question – Granting China Market Economy Status: thousands of companies at risk in the Veneto. Region's businesses call for Commission action – E-009471/2016

Italian companies and trade associations, including Confartigianato Veneto, have warned about serious consequences for the Veneto economy if China were to be granted Market Economy Status (MES). Granting China MES, and thus lifting the antidumping duties that currently protect companies in the Veneto from unfair competition by Chinese companies, would jeopardise the survival of tens of thousands of manufacturing SMEs in the region.

China continues to engage in dumping practices and unfair competition against European companies, aided by heavy Government subsidies in important industrial sectors (metallurgy, textile, chemical, plastic industries, etc.). The country is flooding the European market with extremely low-cost products, with which companies in Italy and the Veneto cannot compete.

Over the last nine months, the Veneto-China trade balance reached EUR 2 billion in favour of the Asian giant. Trade associations in the Veneto’s manufacturing sector have been waiting for some time for the Commission to decide whether China should be granted MES.

In light of the Commission’s answer to my written question (E-015928/2015), in which it said that it ‘is currently looking into the various implications […] of the expiration of certain provisions of the Protocol of accession of China to the World Trade Organisation’, can it say whether it has completed its assessment and what measures it will take against China to ensure the protection of companies in the Veneto region and Italy as a whole?

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