Written question – EU-Morocco trade agreement – P-002243/2016

EU growers, and tomato producers in Sicily and Puglia in particular, have been severely hit by the trade agreement between the European Union and Morocco. Italy’s top trade associations have complained repeatedly of the huge number of instances of social dumping in Morocco as a result of low labour costs. The same associations have also spoken out against the use of pesticides in Morocco that are banned in the EU. Lastly, the risk of fraud has grown alongside the rise in imports owing to the practice of selling Moroccan tomatoes labelled as being from Italy.

— In light of the above, does the Commission intend to activate the safeguard clauses in the EU-Morocco trade agreement?

— Does it intend, and by what means, to check the negative impact agricultural imports from Morocco are having?

— Have the import quotas set in the trade agreement been exceeded?

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