Written question – Distribution System Operators – Single association – E-002491/2016

The Commission sees Distribution System Operators (DSOs) as key to delivering its goals for a European Energy Union, describing them as ‘critical enablers’ to reaching its objectives. As a result of an increase in intermittent renewables, the smart meter rollout, retail liberalisation and demand side response, the Commission has increased its focus on DSOs.

The Commission has expressed concern that the current governance model is not suitable for the new important role of DSOs. DSOs want to ensure that they are gearing up to deliver what the Commission requires, but at present lack clarity over the details, particularly as regards the proposal for a single DSO association.

1. Can the Commission clarify what it considers to be the best vehicle for providing a strong voice for DSOs in the ongoing market design debate, ensuring that all DSOs’ (whether members of associations or not) interests are properly represented?

2. How does the Commission envisage a new single DSO association being funded, structured and governed, and what areas will be within its remit? What relationship will the single DSO Association have with the current European trade associations?

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