Written question – Cumulative effect of EU trade negotiations on farming – E-001840/2016

On 15 February 2016, at a meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, the Commission informed Member States about the state of trade negotiations affecting the farming sector. In addition to issues of pricing, it stressed the importance of making progress, with regard to maintaining EU geographical indications, promoting our high standards of protection at international level – as part of the sustainable development goals – and complying with the rules set out by the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

At the ministerial meeting, general agreement was reached on the importance of stepping up exchanges, diversifying markets and responding in a suitable manner to the growing worldwide demand for food.

The number of bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral agreements are growing, as are the independent measures granted by the EU to certain partners in specific circumstances and at specific times. In light of that, does the Commission consider it important to analyse and evaluate the cumulative effect of the trade agreements in force on the evolution of the agricultural sector, their impact on rural development – including male and female employment rates in rural areas – and their overall impact on the right to food?

How long would it take the Commission to present the conclusions of such a study?

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