Written question – Anti-dumping measures on biodiesel from Argentina – E-008583/2016

On 6 October 2016, the World Trade Organisation’s Appellate Body rejected two complaints, one from the EU and the other from Argentina, lodged against the ruling of the Special Group of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body of March 2016.

The Appellate Body thus upheld the Special Group’s ruling, which held that the EU’s anti-dumping measures on imports of biodiesel from Argentina were inconsistent with the anti-dumping agreement and GATT of 1994, and had nullified or impaired the benefits of such agreements for Argentina. The body therefore concluded that compensatory measures must be taken and that customs duties must be adapted accordingly, under the aegis of the WTO.

President Macri entered into office one year ago and has since shown his willingness to effect change and engage in rapprochement and dialogue.

— What measures does the Commission intend to take in this regard? — What view does the Commission take of the efforts made by the Argentine Government this year?

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