Written question – Addressing the impact on the EU of China's proposed market economy status – E-001791/2016

To deal with China’s recognition as a ‘market economy’, the EU is looking for a solution that is in line with World Trade Organisation (WTO) regulations and that maintains its ability to protect itself from unfair competition from dumped Chinese imports.

I believe that, in order to achieve this, there are three options: a) make no changes and possibly breach WTO regulations; b) remove China from the list of non-market economy status countries in EU anti-dumping legislation, which would be ‘unrealistic’ and would damage EU industry and jobs; or c) give China market economy status and take mitigating measures to prevent job losses in EU industry. It has been estimated that over 188 000 job losses could result if no mitigating measures are put into place. However, we must also take all these options into account within the ever present context of China’s important status as a strong trading partner.

In view of the expected substantial impact of this matter on the Member States’ economies and the EU as a whole, has the Commission carried out any studies on the impact of giving China market economy status on the Member States or the EU as a whole?

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