World Briefs: Greenpeace bombing a huge mistake: Valls

Greenpeace bombing a huge mistake: Valls

WELLINGTON • French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said yesterday that the bombing of the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior by French spies in Auckland 31 years ago was a huge mistake.

Mr Valls, on the first visit to New Zealand by a French prime minister for 25 years, said the two countries' relationship has been patched up and both were now committed to looking forward, while remembering the past and vowing never to commit the same mistake again.


Solar plane takes off on next round-world leg

SAN FRANCISCO • Solar Impulse 2, an experimental solar-powered aircraft flying around the world to draw attention to clean energy technologies, took off again yesterday to fly from San Francisco to Phoenix, Arizona - an effort that should take about 16 hours.

It has been in California for a week since crossing the Pacific and will head to New York before flying to Europe and finally to Abu Dhabi.


Protesters leave Iraq's Parliament

BAGHDAD • Protesters have withdrawn from the normally off-limits government citadel, the Green Zone, after invading it on Saturday and occupying Parliament to demand an end to corruption on the orders of influential Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

By Sunday evening, the episode had become an affirmation of his sway over the street, aimed at pressuring the government to enact promised reforms rather than bringing it down.


Paris migrant camp evacuated again

PARIS • Police have evacuated more than 1,000 people, mostly from Sudan and Afghanistan, from a makeshift migrant camp near Paris' Stalingrad metro station, the third time the camp has been cleared in as many months.

Flimsy tents were packed into a small area around the station and overflowing bins and piles of mattresses indicated conditions had deteriorated in recent weeks.


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