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Work underway to address non-functional aircrafts at QAIA-Transport Ministry

Work is underway to solve the problem of 18 non-functional aircrafts at Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA), in coordination with all concerned authorities, Ministry of Transport said. The ministry, in a statement on Monday, referred to its ongoing coordinating with all Jordanian concerned authorities at the airport to address this problem. The ministry added that the decommissioned aircrafts belonged to local and foreign companies and individuals, which landed and remained at the airport for multiple reasons, including due financial liabilities, financial and customs cases, and their owners’ bankruptcy or failure to contact with them. Earlier this month, Minister of Transport, Maher Abu Samen, requested transfer of two planes to less dangerous areas at the airport in preparation for their disposal due to their danger on the security and safety of aviation and runways and their transformation into a health hazard.

Source: Jordan News Agency


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