Western Nile governor appoints cabinet and advisors

JUBA (13 Mar.)

William Othon Awer, appointed governor of the proposed Western Nile state in South Sudan’s Upper Nile, has issued several orders appointing members of his cabinet, advisors and county commissioners.

Othon, according to orders announced by South Sudan Television Friday, appointed Nyiber Okoth Awin as his deputy, Olwak Okec as minister of law enforcement agencies and local government, Daniel Thabo Obwang as minister of education, gender and social welfare, Angelo Gwang as the minister of information, and Othom Rago Ajak as finance minister and public services.

Meanwhile, Othon appointed Opal Adwok Amum as minister of agriculture and forestry, Peter Jalyath Severio minister of physical infrastructure and Gabriel Jogo as the minister of health.

A separate order appointed James Olam Nyakayo as Panyikang county commissioner, Mary KonyJwok chairperson for relief and rehabilitation commissioner. Victor Onon Laach, according to another order, was named security advisor, Mark Nyikang Yor as political advisor, and Adeljiza Nyanyaw Kur as advisor for peace and reconciliation.

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