Western Equatoria governor donates ambulance to Lui hospital

Alfred Futuyo Karaba, the governor of South Sudan’s Western Equatoria State, on Monday donated an ambulance to Lui Hospital in Mundri.
Speaking at a public rally in Lui Payam of Mundri East County, Alfred Futuyo said the ambulance is to help the communities of greater Mundri to refer the patients to Lui Hospital.
Futuyo said the purpose of his visit to the Eastern Counties was to unite the people who had been split into four states before the reversion to Western Equatoria State and tell them that peace will prevail.
“What brought me here is to tell people that peace has come and the second is there was a division of states so I am here to unite our people and also to say that there will be no tribalism. My leadership does not allow tribal lines,” Governor Futuyo said.
The administrator of Lui Hospital, Habat Murani, appreciated the governor for the donation of the ambulance which he said will help in the referral of patients.
Habat said, “I have given many thanks to the Honorable governor for the donation of a new ambulance because it will help those who need an operation in different parts of the county so we ask God to bless him for the effort.”
Kapita Patumo, a woman in Lui Payam, said she was happy to hear about the donation of an ambulance which will transport women for delivery from all parts of greater Mundri.
“We have one ambulance here but as the governor has donated another ambulance, even one goes to bring patients from Tali or Rokon, we will still have another one available to transport patients,” Kapita said.
James Bramo, a resident of Lui, said that ambulance will help the community, “I appreciate the idea of the ambulance because I see the challenges that we have in the hospital because when someone is sick when the old ambulance has broken down, we send only boda-bodas to bring the patients.”

Source: Radio Tamazuj