Weekly Update on Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness for South Sudan Update #26 (2 March 2019)

1. Highlights

Three alerts of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) suspected cases were reported from Yambio from 21 - 26 February 2019. Accordingly, the State Rapid Response Team (RRT) investigated, collected blood samples, listed all contacts, and advised the community on the preventive measures.

The GeneXpert tested negative for all the three EVD suspected cases and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) results tested negative for the three cases.

Since the launching of vaccination on 28 January 2019, a total of 944 healthcare care workers and frontline workers from Yei and Yambio have received the vaccine against Ebola. Vaccination is ongoing in both States and will be extended to others soon.

EVD Implementing partners (AAH, CORDAID, IMC, WV) completed EVD checklist for EVD phase #2 planning.

Standard Operating Procedure (SoPs) dispatched to EVD high risk states for distribution to various health facilities and points of entry.

The Laboratory TWG training 16 laboratory personnel in Yei River State on EVD laboratory biosafety procedures from 21 � 23 February 2019.

2. Ebola Situation update from North Kivu of Democratic Republic of Congo As of 27 February, 2019:

879 EVD cases, including 814 confirmed and 65 probable cases were reported in DRC. Among these, 553 deaths were reported (CFR - 62.9).

As EVD transmission in DRC continues in North Kivu and Ituri provinces. As at 27 January 2019, 26 news cases were identified (from 21-26 Feb 2019) at Katwa (13), Butembo (9), Kalunguta (1),

Beni (1), Mandima (1), and Vuhovi (1).

22 New Deaths from the same period were reported at Butembo (11), Katwa (9), Mandima (1), and Vuhovi (1).

Source: Government of the Republic of South Sudan

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