We CAN have our Brexit cake and eat it: MEP shuts down remoaners over EU negotiations

Remoaners have badly misjudged the effects of Brexit which will be a resounding success for Britain, he said.

The leading Brexiteer was speaking after an aide revealed a scribbled note hinting at the Government’s plans for leaving the EU, which said “what’s the model? Have your cake and eat it”.

He told Brexiteers to ignore those suggesting the country is falling apart following the vote.

He has warned the Government should be aiming high, not cowering to Brussels.

He wrote in an article or The Sun: “Being part of a common market, not a common government — is a perfectly achievable goal.

“The EU should also have its cake and eat it. It should preserve free trade with the UK — which after Brexit will be its biggest export market — while being able to rely on British support as it pursues its goal of political union.

“There is no shortage of cake.”

Mr Hannan said voters should stop acting as though one side wins and the other loses – and see the talks as deal making.

He said the EU and the UK can and will be “prosperous neighbours”.

He said: “The EU will want to have its cake and eat it too – trading with Britain and benefiting from our political support in some areas

“Our objective in the Brexit talks should be a deal that benefits our European allies as well as ourselves.

“We have had a semi-friendly rivalry within and outside the EU. But in the end France wants to sell cheese and wine to Britain, just as we want to sell financial services to France.”

Despite grave predictions from those who claim to be in “the 48” – referring to the percentage who voted against Brexit, Mr Hannan is confident.

He suggests membership of the European Free Trade Association would be a far better deal than membership of the European Economic Area, under which freedom of movement is required.

Mr Hannan added: “Remoaners keep asking which country we will be like when we make our deal, but it should say something that no two countries have the same deal with the EU – we can create our own.

“Looser still is an Association Agreement.

“The EU has these with most non-EU states in the region, most recently Ukraine and Moldova. These states have unrestricted trade with the EU, though not usually free movement of people.

“Finally, there is a straightforward free trade agreement, such as those enjoyed by Canada and Peru. These can cover services as well as goods.

“Obviously, Britain will not precisely mimic anyone else. When, during the referendum, Remainers kept asking whether we’d be “like” Canada or “like” Iceland or “like” Guernsey, they revealed the silliness of the question.”

The future lay with Britain and the EU’s relationship “based on alliance, not absorption”, he said.

He added: “We’ll be good Nato members but won’t join an EU army. We’ll welcome students and workers from the EU but not in an uncontrolled way. We’ll participate in some common projects and pay our share but won’t cough up simply because some parts of Europe are poorer than us.

“We’ll take back control of our taxes and our laws, our farming and our fishing. But we’ll be the EU’s best friend and strongest supporter.”

Daniel Hannan’s book, What Next: How To Get The Best From Brexit, has just been published by Head of Zeus.

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