Vice President meets delegation of Saudi Sedaim Manufacturing Company

Khartoum, March 11 (SUNA) -The Vice President of the Republic Hassabu Mohamed Abdel-Rahman was briefed Friday on the preparations of the Saudi Sedaim Manufacturing Company LTD to start its investments in the country after the signing of the contract Banzagha Agricultural Project at Sennar state, basing on the Sudanese-Saudi relations and the great support provided by the Presidency of the Republic to the Saudi investments in the country .
The Chairman of the Board of Directors and Head of the Company’s delegation Ali Simbel said, after the meeting with the Vice President of the Republic at the Republican Palace, it was agreed that 60% of the project area to be owned by the company and 40% for the people of the area, stressing the company’s keenness to catch the summer season.
Simbel revealed signing of four contracts on land rehabilitation and part of the land return would be directed to the development of the community in the project area.
Meanwhile, the Company’s Director Mohamed Omer Zainal-Abidin asserted aspiration of the company to expand investments in Sudan starting with the agricultural segment in Banzagha Project, which its area amounted to 10,865 acres.

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