US Delegation to Arrive to Khartoum to Boost Ties and Investment

A US delegation led by the vice president of the American Sudanese Friendship Association, and the Secretary General of the Association in Washington and a number of American businessmen will arrive to Khartoum, according to the International People’s Friendship Council.
The delegation aims to identify the opportunities, investment potential and push forward relations between the peoples of the two countries.
The governor of Europe and America Mohammed al Mu’tasim, told the SMC that the members of US delegation visiting to Sudan confirmed that Sudan’s foreign image is false and unreal, pointing out that they found it a safe and stable country, and peaceful people that enjoy religious tolerance.
The governor said the visit is aimed at boosting relations between the two peoples, especially in its humanitarian, economic and infrastructure aspects.
He said that it will work to remove barriers and improve Sudan’s image in the United States.
The US business delegation will discuss investment opportunities in several fields, including solar energy.
The Sudanese American Friendship Association was formed in Washington in 2015 in the presence of the Secretary of the Department and a number of members the Sudanese Embassy in Washington.

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