UNMISS deploys patrol team to Kuarjena to help defuse intercommunal tensions

UNMISS peacekeepers in Wau have been deployed to Kuarjena county to support the government in deescalating the ongoing insecurity caused by clashes between herders from Tonj and the host community in the area.

The move was taken in response to the latest incident, on Sunday, when an attack allegedly carried out by herders from Tonj left nine people dead, and six others injured.

What we have done is to engage all the parties to ensure that we work towards deescalating the situation and this morning we have also sent an UNMISS Patrol team to camp in Kuarjena for a number of days, said Sam Muhumure, Head of UNMISS Field Office in Wau.

Mr. Muhumure noted that the team will be going to the areas of Akau, Adejang, Abong, Akuyo and Dagona guided by the county commissioner and members of the national security, the police on the ground, and the community leaders.

Our humanitarian partners have already been on the ground to do an initial assessment of humanitarian needs, especially of the people that have been displaced from their areas, who are now stationed at Kuarjena County, added the top UNMISS official in Wau.

Mr. Muhumure also emphasized that humanitarian partners are on the ground in Kuarjena County Headquarters currently hosting more than 3 thousand people as per the initial assessment conducted in the area.

He further said that efforts were underway to resolve the issue amicably, as all parties have been engaged in addressing the situation.

Source: UN Mission in South Sudan

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