UNAMID hands over water pumps to the displaced at Ardamata camp, West Darfur

On 29 December 2016, UNAMID's Police Component handed over two repaired water pumps to the displaced at Ardmata camp in El Geneina, West Darfur.

More than 3,000 people will benefit from the water pumps. The humanitarian project, funded and conducted by UNAMID, aimed at addressing the pressing need for potable water in the camp.

Before the pumps were rehabilitated, the community had to travel as far as Wadi (waterbed) or other water points deep within Ardamata to fetch water.

We reported the faulty hand pumps to UNAMID Police. Thankfully, through their efforts, two of them have been repaired, said Sheikh Adam Khareef, Leader of Community Policing Volunteers at Ardamata IDP Camp. He hoped that through continued support from UNAMID, more hand pumps in the camp would be repaired so more people can access clean water.

Currently, more than 28,400 people live in Ardamata camp according to the latest survey, Sheik Khareef said.

Speakers at the event noted that increasing access to clean water within the camp through such projects will enhance security, particularly for vulnerable groups such as women and children.

When we help provide water, we will have provided protection to the vulnerable women, children and elders. They do not have to commute to far places to fetch potable water. It will also help them avoid potential harassment by some outlaws, said Commander Mohamed Obeidat, UNAMID Police, Sector West.

The Police Component pledged continued support through such projects. We have provided this simple project and we will continue to support. However, we need your cooperation in maintaining these hand pumps, Sma Al-Othari, Team Site commander of UNMAID Police in West Darfur and Project Coordinator said.

UNAMID's Police Component in West Darfur has rehabilitated many water hand pumps in different camps for the displaced in El Geneina as part of its efforts to address the shortage of water and spare the camp residents the difficulty of travelling long distances to fetch water for domestic use.

Source: African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur

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