The United Nations Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Nicholas Haysom, who is currently visiting Sudan, has held discussions here with Ibrahim Mahmud, the Assistant to the Sudanese President, regarding arrangements for resuming peace talks in Sudan in accordance with the efforts being exerted by the African Union High-Level Panel.

The Special Envoy, whose task is to support the establishment and maintenance of good and peaceful neighbourly relations between Sudan and South Sudan, said in a media statement issued following Wednesday's meeting that he had important discussions with Mahmud on arrangements for peace talks.

He said the current circumstances provided a great opportunity to realize peace and stability in Sudan, referring to the Road Map being implemented by the African Union through its High Level Panel.

He said the meeting also discussed implementation of the co-operation agreement signed by Sudan and South Sudan as well as the issue of Abyei, an area on the border between the two countries whose ownership is disputed.

Source: NAM News Network

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