JUBA, -- The UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said it will help mobilise 900 million U.S. dollars to support various activities in the war-torn country in the next two years.

Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in South Sudan, Eugene Owusu, said the funds will support building resilience in communities, delivering services for the most vulnerable, reinvigorating the weak economy, and supporting institution-building and capacity development.

Owusu made the remarks as he launched the Interim Cooperation Framework (ICF) of the UN Country Team in South Sudan, which he said seeks to deliver development to the country in the absence of its development plan.

South Sudan has been torn by more than two years of civil war with the inflation standing at 663 percent.

"Our agenda for the next two years is to help transform South Sudan to enable it transition from a cycle of conflict towards recovery, stabilization and a clear path of nation building," he told diplomats and government officials in the capital Juba.

Fighting between rival factions in the impoverished country has killed tens of thousands and displaced more than two million people since late 2013.

South Sudan's Deputy Minister of Finance, Mary Jarvase Yak, said the ICF was fully aligned to the country's national development priorities.

South Sudan descended into civil war in December 2013 after President Slava Kiir accused his sacked deputy Riek Machar of plotting a coup. Machar denied the accusation but then formed a rebel force.

A peace deal signed between the two leaders last year led to a short-lived unity government formed in April, which was shattered by renewed fighting in early July.

Source: Nam News Network

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