UNITED NATIONS, -- The UN Security Council has considered limiting a proposed regional force for South Sudan to an initial four month mission after South Sudan's government rejected the deployment of 4,000 peacekeepers.

According to a revised draft resolution that would authorize the regional force, the new contingent would have a "clear exit strategy" and would work with the government.

The proposed resolution threatens to impose a ban on arms sales if the government blocks deployment of the regional force.

The revised draft included a new provision on ensuring unrestricted access for the troops, saying the force will "promote in coordination with the transitional government of national unity the well-being of the people of South Sudan."

The force commander will report to UNMISS in line with the initial plan.

Russia, China, Egypt and Angola have expressed reservations with the plan to deploy a force that would be authorized to use "all necessary means" to fulfill its mandate

A vote on the draft resolution, which is still under negotiation, could take place on Friday.

Source: Name News Network

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