UN condemns looting of humanitarian supplies in Kalma camp

(KHARTOUM) - The Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, Gwi-Yeop Son, "strongly" condemned on Thursday the attacks on humanitarian offices, assets and the looting of humanitarian supplies Kalma internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Nyala, South Darfur.

The statement said that the attack the attacks on humanitarian offices and assets took place on 28 May.

I condemn these acts and call upon the responsible authorities to launch a swift investigation and bring those liable to account, Ms Son said.

Over the past month, there were at least two other incidents of looting of humanitarian supplies in IDP camps in Darfur.

Attacks against aid workers violate international humanitarian law (IHL), and jeopardize the provision of life-saving aid to people in need, said the UN official.

The statement did not provide any indication about the identity of the culprits who committed the attack.

Kalma IDP camp is one of the largest in Darfur, hosting some 128,000 people, according to humanitarian partners.

Under a UN plan to withdraw troops from Darfur region, the camp remained one of the places that UNAMID security patrols in place despite the drastic reduction of peacekeepers.

In 2019, the Humanitarian Response Plan partners aim to provide 4.4 million people in Sudan with humanitarian assistance.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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