Position supervises: Finance and Administration Director, Technical Director.

Type of position: Executive/international

Reports to: Kilimo Board of Trustees

Contract: 3- year, renewable based on perfromance


Kilimo Trust (KT) is an independent organization working on agriculture for development across the East Africa Community (EAC) Region – in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan. We promote regional solutions to local problems to make agricultural markets work better for the reduction of poverty and elimination of hunger. We are committed to supporting the people of East African Community (EAC) to achieve market-based solutions to food and nutrition security. Therefore, our core business is to support the transformation of food and nutrition security in the EAC Region away from high risk subsistence farming into lower risk trade-based systems. We implement and manage programmes and projects in partnership with and/or on behalf of governments, international and regional organizations, and the private sector.

Our long serving CEO will be retiring in Sept 2017. We are therefore seeking for a creative leader, who is passionate about transforming the food and nutrition security of the EAC Region from the high risk subsistence status to a lower risk trade-based systems level, to fill the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). **

Purpose of position:

Within the fast paced changing environment of the agricultural industry, the purpose of the position of CEO, Kilimo Trust (KT) is: To provide creative leadership focused at solutions; identify, and pursue emerging opportunities that favorably position KT as a hybrid, financially viable and sustainable institution that positively impacts the incomes of farming households and other agricultural related enterprises within the EAC region.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Proactively develop, implement, evaluate, and update the Strategic Plan of KT.

  2. Promote and market KT within East Africa and globally as a leading independent agricultural development organization supporting innovation for smallholders in the region.

  3. Develop and lead the implementation of partnership and alliance strategy that enables the KT to nurture strategic relationships.

  4. Lead all of KT’s fund raising efforts and expand revenues for current program operations and for future expansion.

  5. Identify, reduce, mitigate and manage all relevant financial, reputational and brand risks in tandem with the values of KT.

  6. Coordinate internal and external evaluations with respect to the delivery of organizational targets in quantifiable outcomes.

  7. Provide strategic direction and oversight to the senior leadership team to ensure financial health of KT and compliance to statutory requirements.

  8. Prepare and present accurate timely and regular reports, briefs, and updates to the Board of Trustees

  9. Recruit, hire, train, manage, lead, and develop the Kilimo senior management team.

  10. Institute, implement and review policies, regulations, and guidelines for harmonious functioning of KT.


(i) Education and Training

· A minimum of a Master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences or related fields.

· Specialized training in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Leadership.

· Knowledge of different not-for-profit and private sector engagements and approaches is considered necessary for the position.

· State-of-the-art knowledge of agricultural development issues

(ii) Skills and experiences

· At least seven (7) years’ experience as a member of the top leadership team(s) in a similar/related organization.

· Experience of participating in governance roles (board level).

· International exposure is required;

· Experience of working within the East African region is preferred.

· Capacity to generate and disseminate well-articulated influential knowledge products.

· Demonstrable capability in networking and building strategic alliances, and partnerships with the private sector, NGOs, multilateral agencies, public agencies and governments in the region and beyond.

· Experience in supporting growth of agribusiness ventures.

· Track record of successful fundraising and revenue generation efforts for institutions similar to KT.

· Expertise in leading ante and post implementation studies related to various programs

· Fluency in English (reading, writing and speaking), and Swahili (conversational).A working knowledge of French is an added advantage. .

· Proven proficiency in providing leadership and direction to employees spread across a wide region and in different countries.

· Willingness and ability to travel within the East African region and internationally.

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