U.S. insists on dialogue between Ethiopia and Tigray

(KHARTOUM – The U.S. Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, called for a ceasefire and constructive negotiations between Ethiopian government et the rebellious group in Tigray.
In a statement issued on Monday, the State Department said that Pompeo spoke with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to discuss the armed conflict in Tigray.
“The Secretary called for a complete end to the fighting and constructive dialogue to resolve the crisis. He stressed the willingness of the United States, the African Union envoys and other international partners to assist in dialogue and reconciliation,” reads the statement.
The call for a negotiated settlement comes despite Abiy categorical rejection of any mediation. Last Friday, he officially refused dialogue with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) during a meeting with peace envoys from the African Union.
However, Pompeo underscored the importance of protecting civilians from further harm, including refugees who flee into Sudan and allowing international humanitarian organizations access to the Tigray region to ensure the unhindered humanitarian access to the needy.
“He urged the Government of Ethiopia to ensure respect for human rights of Tigrayans and all ethnic groups,” stressed the statement.
International organizations have been previously unable to access the internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps, who are experiencing poor living conditions.
Officials in Gadaref State told the Sudan Tribune that there are over 46,000 refugees who arrived in Eastern Sudan.

Source: Sudan Tribune