U.S. hails passage of Sudan’s sovereign immunity bill

(KHARTOUM) – The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised the bill passed last week by U.S. congress that reinstated Sudan’s sovereign immunity.
The bill which was signed into law by President Donald Trump was a product of the agreement between Khartoum and Washington on compensation for victims of certain terror attacks.
The $335 million deal covers the 1998 twin embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania as well as the 2000 USS Cole attack near Yemen and the assassination of USAID employee in Khartoum on 2008 new years eve.
However, the enacted law excluded ongoing cases against Sudan related to 9/11 attacks after two senior democratic senators said they will not support the bill without this exception.
“The enactment of this legislation represents a fundamental change in Sudan’s relationship with not only the United States but also the entire international community,” Pompeo said in a statement.
“It removes a major impediment to Sudan’s full reintegration into the global economy by reducing the risk of attachment of Sudan’s assets, opening the possibility for substantially increased trade and investment” he added.
As part of the deal, Sudan was also removed from the U.S. list of states sponsoring terrorism which came after Khartoum agreed to normalize ties with Israel.
In return, the U.S. also boosted economic assistance to Sudan and agreed to help the latter in paying arrears due to international financial institutions.
Pompeo said that these developments were made possible “because of the courageous actions of the Sudanese people, who have placed their country on a path towards democracy and economic prosperity”.
“The leadership of the civilian-led Transitional Government in delivering on the demands of the people of Sudan is integral to the success of this transition,” the US top diplomat said.
“We commend the Sudanese people for their continued insistence on freedom, peace, and justice, and we congratulate Prime Minister Hamdok and the civilian-led Transitional Government for their courage in advancing both the aspirations of the people they serve and the cause of regional peace under the Abraham Accords”.

Source: Sudan Tribune