Two Darfur rebel group SLM-AW supporters arrested during rally

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that a group of students from El Fasher University loyal to the SLM-AW leader held a speech about justice in the village of Tabit in North Darfur, to address presenting the perpetrators of genocide and rapes to the courts and demanding the extradition of those wanted by the International Criminal Court.

The witnesses indicated that the Military intelligence stopped the speeches and arrested the two students.

No further information of where they were taken, or what they were arrested for, is available at the time of reporting.

So far, El Nur has stuck to his position that he will only join negotiations after security and stability have been realised in Darfur. Reports of insecurity and attacks on civilians, especially displaced persons, continue to proliferate in Sudan’s conflict-torn western region.

El Nur’s proposal to organise “a Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue within the country, with the participation of all political, civil, popular and military components that address the historical roots of the crises and agree on a non-partisan civilian government” is due to be elaborated after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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