Tumukunde calls for increased investment in security

There are many Turkish investors eyeing Uganda and willing to help and partner in security

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Gen. Henry Tumukunde (R) and Uganda’s Ambassador to Turkey, Johnson Olwa.

ISTANBUL – Gen. Henry Tumukunde, the Minster for Security, has voiced concern over the pace at which Uganda is transforming her security capabilities to match the speed at which global security issues are changing.

He said Uganda being a regional leader on security issues considering her role in building regional peace has to move faster from the hard power to the software security technology where other global security powers are at the moment.


He said it is not a debatable issue because security challenges are metamorphosing so fast.

Tumukunde said this in Istanbul Turkey where he has been attending the Istanbul Security Conference, where he represented President Yoweri Museveni.

He said President Museveni was the only African president who was invited to present a paper. He said this is recognition for President Museveni’s role in spearheading peace in the region as exemplified by Uganda’s efforts in bringing peace in countries such as Somalia, Central African Republic, Southern Sudan and Burundi.

Gen Tumukunde was one of the four Ugandan ministers who are in Istanbul Turkey for three different global conferences. The have been here since November 2nd.

The others being Hajjat Janat Mukwaya, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development attending the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Women Conference for ministers in charge of women and culture in all the OIC countries; Werikhe Kafabusa, the State Minister for Trade and Ronald Kibuule, the State minister for Water Resources, who were attending the Turkey – Africa Economic and Business Forum, where about 70 Ugandan business people attended, a majority of whom being and coming from the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI), an umbrella organisation for trades and business community in Uganda led by James Lalobo, the UNCCI director from Amurata.

General Tumukunde said the meeting focused, among others, on changing global security concepts, Middle East and Turkey security challenges, human security in terms of food, environment, health and life, information security and image of Turkey in the global media, current challenges and opportunities on the energy security, new dimensions of security perception in the context of cyber space challenges and trends, terrorist organisations, which exploit Islam and combating methods with these organisations. It also looked at the security, defence and defence industry 2023-2053 vision.

There was also focus on security governance looking at the strategies and players. They also discussed the migration issue mainly towards Turkey on the axis of human security, border security and national security.

This was critical, he said because Turkey is currently hosting about three million refugees mainly from Syria. Uganda, on the other hand is also home to about 800,000 refugees mainly form Southern Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.

The conference, he said, also looked at the global hybrid wars in the context of transformation of armies, regional conflicts.

Gen. Tumukunde said, because of having gone through and still facing security challenges just as Uganda could be, as terrorism is a global threat and no country is safe from it, Turkey is willing to support Uganda develop her security capabilities to match growing and changing security concerns.

He said there is, therefore, great need for Uganda to invest more in security because Turkey achieved these after being pushed and isolated by actions of her for allies, when they went to support a genuine cause in the Northern Cyprus.

Now Turkey manufactures and produces all her security apparatus and infrastructure it requires to fight the security challenges it faces. He said this is where Uganda should be moving to so as to remain effectively relevant as a regional leader on security matters.

Other countries that featured in this conference and made presentations included Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kenya.

Presentations on other relevant security related issues were delivered by professors, academicians and researchers on varied fields such as water security that calls for integrated urban water resources management, terrorism and the internet focusing on a study centred on ISIS, the radicalization of cyber space and cyber terrorism and quite a lot more, he said.

He therefore, noted that Uganda has no choice but to move faster in security preparedness to match emerging global security challenges. 

Uganda’s ambassador to Turkey, Johnson Agara Olwa, said that there are many Turkish investors eyeing Uganda and willing to help and partner in security and many other fields.

He cited as an example, a company called Molino specializing in mechanical industry and trade, whose vice-president, M. Salim Alaybeyi, whom they met, is ready for Uganda.

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