Troika countries call to end eastern Sudan blockade

The Troika countries called on eastern Sudan tribal protesters to end the blockade of the sea terminals and highways linking the Red Sea region with the capital and to negotiate with the government.

Protesters led by Mohamed Turk, a tribal Hadandaw leader blocked the seaports on the Red Sea and closed roads calling for the resignation of the transitional civilian-led government and military takeover of power.

Prime Minister said he understand their grievances and called for talks to discuss their reservations on the eastern Sudan peace agreement. But, the tribal group disdained his call.

In a statement released from Washington on Friday, the Troika countries - Norway, the UK, and the U.S.- voiced their strong support for the government efforts to address the complaints of the tribal group, pointing to the "serious impact" of the blockade on the Sudanese economy.

"The Troika joins with the civilian-led transitional government in calling for an end to the ongoing blockades of port and transportation infrastructure in eastern Sudan," said the Troika.

They further urged the protesters to take up the government’s offer for talks instead of harming the national economy.

"We encourage everyone in the Sudanese government to intensify their efforts to resolve these protests," added the statement.

The position of the military component on this crisis is perceived by the ruling civilian coalition as complacent about the blockades made by the tribal group.

The military are in open conflict with the civilian government over several issues and now refuse the government’s control over the police forces.

"The Troika fully recognizes the development challenges facing the people of eastern Sudan and is prepared to continue to work in partnership with Sudan’s civilian-led transitional government to address such challenges," said the statement suggesting they would contribute to developing the impoverished region.

The three countries urged the international community to support fully the efforts of the Sudanese government to resolve this matter and to end the ongoing blockades.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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