Torit women leader calls for equal participation at all levels

A women leader is South Sudan's Torit State has called for the equal participation of females in all aspects of life.

Speaking during a women program on Radio Tamazuj Friday, the Torit Women Association chairlady, Angelina Bernardino Jacob said women can work in parliament, judiciary and in constitution making.

She said gender discrimination still affects participation of women.

There are a lot of challenges we are facing, they even minimize a woman when she passes and because there is no woman ahead, she will be brought back and replaced by a man, said Angelina.

She added, But what we are saying here is that we can even compete with men. We can make it like the way men do.

According to Angelina, a woman should be allowed to participate in all departments of the country's executive, legislature and judiciary.

Let us not leave any place without a woman in there because women can participate in the community and that is why they deserve to go ahead, she said.

The woman leader said South Sudanese cultures still isolate women from most decision making processes in society and at family levels.

The main challenge in South Sudan goes back to our culture because if I cited from my culture, a woman cannot sit in Amangat [camp]. This is one of the reasons that justifies a woman's voice cannot to be heard, she said.

Angelina urged women to work together and understand their roles.

It is now good that there is education compared to the past with little or no education. The women who got education now are not going backward, but going ahead. We are saying women should come together to understand their roles in the country, she stressed.

This year's Women's Day was organized by the state women association in collaboration with the government and its partners under the then Think equal, make 35%+ count for women's participation.

Source: Radio Tamazuj

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