Torit revenue authority commissioner sacked after exposing corruption

Torit State governor Tobiolo Alberio Oromo has sacked the state revenue commissioner, days after exposing corruption in the state.

Mr Charles Onen's removal was announced by the state-owned radio Tuesday.

The decree, however, gave no reasons for the governor's decision.

The revenue chief's removal came days after he exposed corruption in timber logging, prompting state MPs to pass a vote of no confidence against the agriculture and forestry minister, Clement Laku Chichim.

While appearing before the state parliament on May 29, Onen said timber worth $100,000 had mysteriously disappeared from the state.

Dominic Otwari, a lawmaker representing constituency number 2 said many countries in Africa are poor due to mismanagement of resources.

I think the person who is going to change this state radically is the commissioner of revenue, if the constitution is honored, said Otwari.

He added, The revenue authority commissioner needs to be empowered and money coming in should be honored and used in a good way. The state has a lot of resources according to what some of us heard and that money is able to pay salaries of one month before we wait for that from Juba but the money is not seen.

On his part, Severino Maira Janus from Lopit North constituency said the agriculture ministry had failed to perform its own duties and that is why there is rampant illegal logging in the state.

I honorable Severino Maira Janus of constituency number 5 Lopit Morth SPLM move a motion of no confidence against the agriculture, livestock fisheries and forestry minister for public interest, he said.

After extensive deliberations on the matter, MPs passed a vote of no confidence against the minister, awaiting the governor's approval.

South Sudan is also one of Africa's biggest oil producers. But its oil revenue is not reaching those who need it most.

Source: Radio Tamazuj

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