Torit local team beats Ugandan team 3-2 at Uganda’s Independence Day soccer match

A local football team in Torit of South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria state on Friday beat the Ugandan community team 3-2 in a friendly match organized to mark Uganda’s 58th independence anniversary.
The Algezira Football Club beat the Ugandan community team on 9th October at the Holy Rosary grounds.
Uganda gained its independence on October 9, 1962, from the United Kingdom.
Abdulwahab Abdala Wetaka, the assistant coach for the Ugandan community football club in Torit says the game also showcases cooperation with South Sudanese citizens.
“We have organized the game and we are celebrating our independence for Uganda. We have invited Ugandans and South Sudanese to play together and cooperate. It is important because am representing our independence of Uganda even if I am in South Sudan,” Abdala said.
He added, “The match is very interesting. They have won with 3-2 and it was an interesting match. But next time we will improve. We have lost due to lack of practice.”
Despite losing, the Ugandan captain Obalok Robert appreciated the game saying sports keeps the youth occupied.
“Much as we are celebrating our independence day it has been a good game though we have been defeated we did our part. The goal I scored I dedicate it to all Ugandans who are in South Sudan and Uganda, let us enjoy together,” Robert said. “The fact is that I will call upon all the young players to come and join the soccer because this will reduce going to peer groups, you would have escaped such peer groups this is my advice to young ones to escape being on street.”
Peter Fermo, a player from the local team in Torit agrees the game was involving and promotes cohesion. “It was an interesting game. Football is a great benchmark for bringing people together and it does not matter where you come from,” he said.
Meanwhile, the club’s president Juma Joe Adriano says sports helps to promote bilateral ties between countries
“This is creating strong cohesion between two countries and it will strengthen the bilateral relationship between South Sudan and Uganda,” he added.
Joe encouraged investors to come into South Sudan and invest in the nation’s sporting sector saying it is a promising sector.

Source: Radio Tamazuj