Thousands attend funeral of Sudanese detained, killed by RSF militia

(KHARTOUM) – Tens of thousands of people gathered on Tuesday to mourn a civilian who died under torture by the controversial Rapid Support Forces (RSF). His funeral was seen as a new demonstration of the aversion the Sudanese have towards the militia which is accused of grave human rights violations.
The funeral procession for Baha Eldin Nouri began with hundreds of cars from the morgue of Omdurman Hospital to the RSF detention facility, located in Khartoum North, where the 45-year-old man was killed.
The mourners stopped for a few minutes in front of the SRF facility before to carry the coffin to the house of the deceased’s family and from there to the cemetery of Kalakla neighbourhood south of Khartoum.
Hundreds of mourners held Nour’s pictures and banners denouncing his detention and calling for the execution of the killers.
The mourners who attended the longest funeral procession in Sudan’s modern history chanted slogans denouncing the Rapid Support Forces and calling for the trial of the perpetrators.
At the end of the funeral ceremony, his brother Mohamed Nouri repeated their demand for retribution and the trial of all those involved in the kidnapping, torture and killing of Bahaa El-Din.
The Public Prosecution on Monday charged RSF members with murder under torture, while the militia said the authors of the crime will be handed over to justice.
The incident opened again the debate over the unpopular militia which was established by the former president to wage war against the rebel groups and to defend his regime.
Baha El-Din Nouri died in an RSF detention centre in Khartoum on 20 December. His family refused to take his corpse and requested a second autopsy after finding signs of torture on his body.
The Central Council of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) Tuesday demanded to prohibit the detention of civilians by the RSF militiamen.
“We call for prohibiting the arrest by the Rapid Support Forces for any civilian and under any pretext,” said the FFC in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune.
“Any arrest operation is one of the core functions of the police and an inherent duty of the internal security agency, which cannot be exercised through the Rapid Support Forces,” further stressed the statement.
The FFC called on the public prosecution to inspect all the RSF premises across the country to “ensure that they are free of any detainees,” and to close all its detention centres.
Baha-Eldin murder was condemned by several political groups.
The RSF has been accused of attacks on pro-democracy sit-in and the killing of the peaceful protestors on 3 June 2019. The government formed an independent investigation committee but still, it did does not fsubmit its report.

Source: Sudan Tribune