'The EU has done nothing' I say (1)

'The EU has done nothing' I say

‘The EU has done nothing’ I say

MR PRITCHARD thinks the EU avoids wars. Turkey invading Cyprus, the Basque conflict and the Northern Ireland Troubles: the EU played no part in solving them.

Near-neighbour conflicts in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo were resolved by Nato action.

The Clean Air Act of 1956 sorted out the London smog, unfortunately nothing has cured the pollution in Southampton, just about the dirtiest city in Britain.

How much cheaper flights would be without added carbon tax.

How long ago was it the lady upholsterers of Ford in Dagenham sorted equal pay for equal work?

Counter terrorism intelligence that saved France and Belgium from blood baths.

Smoke-free work places sorted after Roy Castle’s death.

Mobile phone charges. The EU was asked in 1999 by The International Telephone Users Group to abolish roaming charges. After foot-dragging the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development joined with International Telecommunications Union, which used the rules of the World Trade Organisation to ensure by 2013 roaming charges were being abolished across the world with the EU at the back of the queue.

Come June 24th, will every EU country put up the shutters on trade with us? Britain may be as small country but it has been punching above it’s weight for the past 800 years.

Dave Christian, Southampton

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