Text adopted – Expansion of trade in Information Technology Products (ITA) *** – P8_TA-PROV(2016)0257 – Wednesday, 8 June 2016 – Strasbourg – Provisional edition

The European Parliament,

–  having regard to the draft Council decision (06925/2016),

–  having regard to the WTO Ministerial declaration of 16 December 2015, on the expansion of trade in information technology products (06926/2016),

–  having regard to the request for consent submitted by the Council in accordance with the first subparagraph of Article 207(4) and Article 218(6), second subparagraph, point (a)(v) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (C8‑0141/2016),

–  having regard to Rule 99(1), first and third subparagraphs, Rule 99(2), and Rule 108(7) of its Rules of Procedure,

–  having regard to the recommendation of the Committee on International Trade (A8-0186/2016),

1.  Gives its consent to conclusion of the agreement;

2.  Instructs its President to forward its position to the Council, the Commission and the governments and parliaments of the Member States and to the World Trade Organization.

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