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Syria at G77 summit calls for removing Western coercive blockade imposed on country

Syria called for immediate, complete and unconditional lifting of unilateral coercive measures, US embargo and sanctions imposed on several countries, establishing a new, more just international economic system to enhance the economic and social situation of the G77 countries and China in a way that would meet aspirations of peoples to live in prosperity and peace.

During the summit of G77 and China held in Havana, Finance Minister Kinan Yaghi, conveyed greetings of President Bashar al-Assad to the Cuban President and his people, appreciating its positive and constructive role in enhancing the multilateral work through holding this important summit in achieving sustainable development.

Minister Yaghi said this summit will help support the just causes of the South countries, including their right to benefit from modern technologies and using these technologies and innovations to achieve sustainable development.

Yaghi hailed the deep-rooted historical bilateral relations binding Syria and Cuba and the Group countries, and the joint work to respect international law and principles of the UN Charter of sovereignty, equality, non-interference in the internal affairs of states.

Yaghi stressed that Syria carried on the war on terror and extremism on behalf of the international community, calling on the members of the group to support Syria in overcoming the effects of war, the blockade, and the consequences of the devastating earthquake that hit the country a few months ago.

“We demand the necessary support to establish the Syrian state’s control over the entire Syrian territory, and we demand the immediate, complete and unconditional lifting of the illegal unilateral coercive measures, US blockade, and the sanctions that our peoples and the Cuban people have been suffering from for more than sixty years.” Yaghi added.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency


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