Sudan’s Sovereign Council distances itself from its secretary-general

(KHARTOUM) – The Sovereign Council, Sunday, distanced itself from statements made by a military official supporting a businessman accused of corruption and linked to the ousted regime.
However, the statements stirred up a controversy over the presence of such military in key positions at the Sudanese presidency after the popular revolution that ousted the former regime in April 2019.
Some dozens of people supporting Fadl Mohamed Khair a businessman linked to the former regime gathered outside the Republican Palace to submit a memorandum calling to return him his assets and companies confiscated by a committee to dismantle the former regime.
The protesters ’memo was submitted to the Sovereignty Council’s Secretary-General, Major General Amir Youssef who pledged to hand it over to the Chairman of the Sovereign Council before showing sympathy with Fadl and his supporters.
Your support to Fadl “Is evidence of the ethics of the Sudanese who do not forget the kindness of those who worked with them,” said Youssef before to add that the memorandum will find all the “needed care and appreciation”.
“God willing, victory will be your ally,” he concluded.
A few hours later, the video of the general’s speech circulated in the social media stirring up interrogations about the military component and its intentions.
Reacting to the controversy the Sovereign Council issued a statement saying the secretary-general was tasked to receive the memo but not address the gathering.
“Therefore, what he said in his speech represents his point of view and does not in any way represent the opinion of the Sovereign Council,” further stressed the statement.
It was not clear if the secretary-general will be dismissed for serious misconduct.
For its part, the Empowerment Removal Committee, which confiscated Mohamed Khair’s assets and companies, issued a statement welcoming the clarification of the Sovereign Council.
The statement also recalled the right to resort to justice to challenge its decisions which are taken after legal investigations.
Wajedi Saleh a member of the Committee issued a statement stressing the need to review senior cadres in the government structures such as ” those who wear the military uniform and hold sovereign positions and do not believe in this great revolution.”

Source: Sudan Tribune